Mi-Grid - Energy Management

 Mi-Grid integrates and optimizes multiple power sources

 – Collects power from solar / wind / utility / generator

 - Stores Excess Energy in Battery Bank

 - Bumpless transfer between sources - Never lose power, assures 99.99+ reliability

 - Save More Money - up 30% more than standard grid tied solar

 - True Net Metering - Without a net metering plan!

 - Minimize generator fuel, run time and maintenance costs, up to 80-90% or more!

Solar Panels produce more power than you need during the day. Mi-Grid stores that energy for later. At night, the stored energy is released for your use.

Connected to the utility? Late at night, utility power fills in your needs.

Off Grid - At night the generator quickly recharges the batteries, then shuts down

Off Grid - Cloudy days - Generator cycles up to 3 times per day - Never lose power!