Off Grid Residential/Commercial

5kW to 20kW Watts of Solar220 Volt AC system - Sustained output 4K - 16kW
Starting Surge Power 2x starting motors - Window or Home Air Conditioner to 2-6 Tons
8kW-35kW Auto Starting Generator (6-16kW Natural Gas)
Long life - Recyclable - Advanced AGM Batteries
Save 80%-90% or more over a Generator

Micro Grid

Remote Village power - save 90% fuel - 100% Available
Remote Island Power - Marine grade components
2.2kW to 72kW continuous power
Multiple Fuels for Generators - Propane/NG, Gasoline, Diesel
1kW to 120 kW Solar Arrays
Works Day or night, Rain or Shine


NEMA 4 enclosure for outdoor Mounting, 5-20 kW Solar Panel kits with mounts
Lithium Batteries (coming soon)